Assembly Polls Resounding Mandate Beginning Of New India, Says PM Modi

A day after getting thumping victory in the Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing BJP workers at party headquarters in Delhi.
7:20 pm: I would like to thank everyone, especially Shri Amit Shah and his team of karyakartas from bottom of my heart for their contribution, says PM Modi.

7: 19 pm: I think I am the only PM for whom people say ‘why he works so much.’ To them I would say that I am fortunate enough to work for people, says PM Modi.

7:17 pm: This is a government not just of those who voted for BJP but also those who did not vote for the BJP: PM

7:16 pm: I would like to thank the voters of the five states, want to assure them that we will leave no stone unturned for their betterment, says PM Modi.

7:12 pm: In 2022 we mark 75 years of independence, which will be a landmark moment for the nation, says PM Modi.

7:11 pm: I am not someone who looks at things only from an election perspective. I see things for the wellbeing of the people: PM

7:10 pm: We have never got anything for free or easily. And we do not have any regrets. We are ones who have always been working for people: PM

7:09: pm: Antyodaya is integral to our work. We understand the strength of India’s poor: PM

7:08 pm: The burden on the middle class should reduce. This will enable our middle classes to shine, says PM Modi.

7:05 pm: These elections are an emotional moment for us. They come at a time when we mark the centenary celebrations of Pandit Deen Dayal Ji, says PM Modi.

7:03 pm: A ‘New India’ that fulfils the aspirations of our ‘Nari Shakti’. A ‘New India’ that is about opportunities for the poor, says PM Modi.

7:01 pm: I can see the verdict of these Assembly elections as the foundation of New India, says PM Modi.

6:59 pm: Nature teaches us that when a tree has more fruits it bows down. Similarly, we have got the fruit of victory, it should be humbling.  

6:54 pm: This is an unimaginable mandate, unimaginable victory, says PM Modi.

6:52 pm: The increased voting shows people’s greater involvement in democracy. This is an encouraging signal for us.

6:48 pm: In democracy, the elections are not just a process to form governments but also an occassion to celebrate commitment towards nation building. 

6:46 pm: PM Modi begins his address by wishing everyone on the occassion of Holi.