The BJP, which had earlier apprehended “unauthorised deletion” of voters from the electoral rolls in Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday asked the Election Commission to ensure deployment of women police and para-military forces at “sensitive” polling booths in the last two phases of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls to examine identity of burqa-clad women voters.

“The BJP demands that to establish the identity of burqa-clad voters in the sixth and seventh phase of the UP polls, women police and central para-military forces be posted at the sensitive and hyper-sensitive polling booths.”

It said a large number of burqa-clad women exercise their franchise and there was a possibility of false voting. “Adequate deployment of female police would ensure proper checking of women voters, and at the same time, minimise incidents of bogus voting,” it said

The BJP had on Tuesday demanded the Chief Election Commissioner that a commission be instituted to inquire into “unauthorised deletion” of voters from electoral rolls in UP and ensure that all valid voters be allowed to vote in the 6th and 7th phase of elections. In a memorandum, the

party drew attention of the EC to “large scale deletion of eligible voters” from the lists published for the Assembly polls. The BJP said it has received complaints from almost every constituency where the holders of valid EPIC cards were turned away as their names were deleted without following the due process.