FICCI’s 10th Global Skills Summit-New Delhi

Skills development minister Dharmendra Pradhan, on Friday, said his effort will be to create an ecosystem in which all 125 crore Indians can play the role of job creation in the country and India does not miss on the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
Outlining that the country’s biggest challenge for skilling is to put our records straight on the table hinting that the mere 10% of the country’s workforce is not a realistic number. “Our responsibility is to speed up the creation of an ecosystem in which all they workforce being added to the country every year gets a dignified life through a collective effort of all stakeholders,” Pradhan said.

Reiterating that India has 50 crore people in the notified employable age of 15-59 years. Of this, the skilled manpower in a India is just 10% as against 50-90% skilled manpower in the robust urban economies like Germany. “It is not that just 10% of India’s population is skilled. The biggest challenge is to put our records straight on the table,” Pradhan said at Ficci’s 10th Global Skills Summit. Addressing the summit, Simon Bartley, president of WorldSkills International said India will develop enormously fast if it embraces development of skills for all and not just few.