Govt should not interefere in working of media: PM on Press Day (India) (Source: Rediff News)

PM is speaking on the occasion of National Press Day in New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan.


–Press was silenced during the Emergency.
— Earlier journalists though a lot before filing a report. But perhaps challenges today are different.
— External control of press not good for society
— Press instrumental in upholding free speech.
— Freedom of expression must be maintained.
— I have been friends with journalists for a long time. They just need 10 per cent of information, they can then find the 90 per cent out. Then the government also becomes used to selective leaking. This needs to be changed.
— Government should not have any interference in the working of the media
— These days, reports of killings (of journalists) that came – they are especially worrying. Because they died trying to find out the truth
Just saying we are independent isn’t enough, the government needs to deal with such cases sternly.
— Indian media did a commendable job during the Nepal quake; it managed to unite all of India into helping its ally and neighbour.
— Media has played a very good role in furthering the message of cleanliness.