India could launch nuclear attack on Pakistan as pre-emptive strike, says expert

In what would be a notable reversal of its well-known no-first use policy, India could launch a preemptive first strike against Pakistan if it feared that a nuclear attack was imminent, a leading nuclear strategist has said.
However, this attack by India will not aim at urban areas and conventional targets, but against Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal to pre-empt a nuclear attack altogether, Hindustan Times cited the strategist as saying in its report. 
“There is increasing evidence that India will not allow Pakistan to go first,” said Vipin Narang, a nuclear strategist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at a conference on nuclear policy hosted by Carnegie, a think tank. 
“India’s opening salvo may not be conventional strikes trying to pick off just Nasr batteries (launch vehicles for Pakistan’s tactical battlefield nuclear warheads) in the theatre, but a full ‘comprehensive counterforce strike’ that attempts to completely disarm Pakistan of its nuclear weapons so that India does not have to engage in iterative tit-for-tat exchanges and expose its own cities to nuclear destruction,” he said.