Indian-American Attorney Preet Bharara Fired After Refusing To Resign

Preet Bharara, the high-profile Indian-American federal prosecutor, who defied US President Donald Trump administration’s request to resign, said he has been dismissed.

“Today (Saturday), I was fired from my position as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York,” Bharara said in a statement released through the Justice Department. From a jurisdiction covering Manhattan, Bharara was often in the limelight as he went after politicians and high-flying financiers.

He and 45 other federal prosecutors or US district attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama were on Friday asked by Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente to submit their resignations.

Unlike some of his peers, he refused and was fired. It is customary for political appointees of a President to resign when a new one is elected. All ambassadors, for example, were asked in January to resign and they complied. Among them was Richard Verma, an Indian-American US ambassador to India.

Bharara’s case was unusual because unlike most of the other federal prosecutors he had been asked by Trump in November to stay on in his job. He told reporters at that time that he had agreed to Trump’s request to continue in his position.