Manoj Sinha, Tipped to be Next Uttar Pradesh CM, is a Man Without Enemies

New Delhi: In 2014, a local BJP worker in Ghazipur opened a dhaba on the outskirts of the city. He invited Manoj Sinha, the local MP, to inaugurate the dhaba but did not expect him to turn up. Sinha was, after all, a Union Minister by this point. To the worker’s surprise, Sinha made it for the inauguration. This “connect” with his constituents is not uncharacteristic of Sinha. At least till late last year, he spent most weekends in his native Ghazipur. However, the weekends are not spent lazing with family but holding darbars with people from all over the district. Every Saturday and Sunday, over a hundred people gather at his Ghazipur residence with their complaints and Sinha gives them all a patient hearing, even offering tea to all. The Ghazipur MP, who has never fought a Vidhan Sabha election, is now the frontrunner for the post of UP Chief Minister.