Nation’s going digital, let’s promote BHIM app: PM @ Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation through his monthly radio show, titled ‘Mann Ki Baat’. The radio programme is among his many initiatives to connect with people in the remotest parts of the country.

Here are highlights of his speech:

* “Youth & those who won prizes under ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ and Digi Dhan should become ambassadors of these schemes on their own.”

* “On 14th April, there will be a major draw worth crores of rupees as ‘Lucky Grahak Scheme’ will complete 100 days.”

* “Govt, society, institutions, organisations, in fact everyone, is making some or the other effort towards cleanliness.”

* “Our society is increasingly becoming technology driven; focus is now being laid on digital transactions. The young generation is getting habituated to digital payments through mobile handsets.”

* “Digital payments will help fight corruption and proliferation of black money.”

* “On the occasion of Baba Sahebs anniversary on 14th April, let us ensure BHIM App reaches 125 crore people of this country.”

* “An App is developed particularly aimed to the fishermen, it helps them locate best zone of fish, wind conditions, tides etc

* “Inquisitiveness has played a significant role in the journey of progression of human life and development.”

* “India has successfully tested Ballistic Interceptor Missile; This is a cutting edge technology in the arena of security.”

* “Every new technology gives birth to a new era.”

* “The attraction of science for youngsters should increase. We need more & more scientists.”

* “Particularly for my farmer brothers and sisters, our new Satellite Cartosat 2D will be immensely helpful.”

* “It is a matter of exultation for us that the entire campaign was led & steered by our young & women scientists.”

* “India created history by becoming the first country to launch successfully 104 satellites into space at one go. This cost effective, efficient space programme of ISRO has become a marvel for the entire world.”

* “After the successful mission of sending Mangalyaan to Mars, recently ISRO achieved a world record in the arena of space.”

* “Winter is on its way out; Vasant, the season of spring has just started to step into our lives.”