Nepal : 26 dead, 36 wounded in bus accident

Nearly 26 people killed and 36 others wounded as overcrowded bus whirled off a mountain road in Nepal on Thursday.
Government administrator Krishna Chandra Poudel stated, the bus averted off the road in Kathmandu. The reports revealed that the bus turn round about 200 meters (650 feet) down a hill before hitting into the Pasagad river.
The bodies of deceased and injured were recovered by police officials and soldiers.
On Thursday, the rescue helicopters reached to the spot and about 18 victims were taken to the hospital for treatment in Nepalgunj city.
On Friday, the wounded individuals were being flown out but had to stay for the climate to get clear.
At the time of incident, more than 60 passengers were travelling in the bus.
Most of the accidents held in Nepal due to bad road conditions. Nepal is enclosed by mountains and the roads are also very thin.