Paresh Rawal’s suggestion that Arundhati Roy be tied to army jeep is example of villainy masquerading as desh-bhakti

Paresh Rawal should have stuck to cinema instead of joining politics. As a toonish villain, he would have had plenty of opportunities to parade his misogyny, contempt for human rights and fascination for violence. For his masculine rage, there would have been a few rape scenes thrown in too.

It is a pity Rawal is a lawmaker whose subconscious desires still reflect the mindset of the characters he played as a Bollywood baddie, before turning into a jester. Rawal’s astonishing suggestion that author Arundhati Roy be tied to an army jeep instead of stone-pelters is an egregious example of villainy masquerading as desh-bhakti; of a mindset that advocates violence, especially against women, to silence dissent, debate and freedom of speech.