Supreme Court rejects TMC plea, CBI probe into Narada sting will go on

The Supreme court has refused to stay the High Court order in the Narada case. This meas the CBI investigation into the Narada sting will not be stopped. The SC has rejected the petition by Trinamool leaders.

The West Bengal government has sought the Supreme Court’s stay on a recent Calcutta high court order that asked the CBI to conduct a preliminary enquiry into bribery allegations made by a news portal against Trinamool leaders, even as the CBI registered a PE on yesterday.

The state government had dismissed the sting as part of a “larger political conspiracy” against the ruling party and declared that it would appeal to the SC against the HC order.

In its appeal filed in the SC on Monday, the state government assailed the HC order as “erroneous”, “contrary to law” and hence “liable to be struck down.” The order was passed in “haste” despite the state police taking all steps to get to the truth, the appeal said.